WordPress Support for your client’s websites.

Why deal with tedious website maintenance when you can partner with us to manage your client’s websites for only $29/month, and get back to focusing on your core business.  Our support plans include Speed Optimization, Security, Downtime Support, Software Updates, Backups, & Reporting.

Speed Optimization

Slow website speed frustrates visitors, hurts your conversion rate and even affects your ranking on Google. 

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Bulletproof Security

Over 13 million WordPress websites are hacked every year. This can lead to loss of revenue and client information being stolen. 

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Downtime Support

If your client’s website goes down we are notified and will begin working to get it back up immediately. Most sites are back up within an hour.

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Software Updates

The number one reason WordPress Websites are hacked is due to an out of date plugin, theme, or WordPress Verion.

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Daily Backups

Failure to backup your website frequently can lead to losing your website content, and loss of revenue due to downtime.

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Performance Reports

Our WordPress Performance Reports will give you insights into every update we make to your website

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Speed Optimization

 Slow website speed can hurt your conversion rate and affect your ranking on Google.



Bulletproof Security

 WordPress websites are not as secure as you might think…


Of WordPress Sites are vulnerable


WordPress Sites are hacked every day


Websites are blacklisted every day


Increase in DDoS attacks every year

Software Updates & Backups

Regularly making software updates and backups is crucial to keeping your client’s websites secure.

Daily Software Updates

We are notified when a plugin, theme, or WP Version update is available and we will make the update within 24 hours.

Daily Backups

We backup your client’s website files and database daily and we can easily restore the website within a few minutes.

Visual Validator

If there are any visual changes after a plugin, theme, or Core update we will roll the site back to a previously backed up version and diagnose the issue.

Monthly Performance Reports

We send out a monthly performance report for you to share with your client’s that can be white-labeled. These reports show updates made to your client’s website, Current Website Speed, Security Scans, Uptime Monitoring, and much more.