73% of WordPress Websites are Vulnerable to hackers

Over 13 million websites are hacked every year.  Your website is an investment, protect it with a monthly maintenance plan.

 WordPress websites are not as secure as you might think…


Of Web Traffic is Malicious.


Websites are hacked every day


Websites are blacklisted every day


Increase in DDoS attacks every year

Software Updates

The most common reason WordPress Websites are hacked is because of an old WordPress Plugin, Theme, or Version. We update plugins, themes, and WordPress core as soon as an update is available.

Daily Cloud Backups

We backup your website files and database daily, weekly, and monthly. If anything were to happen to your website, we can easily restore the site while we diagnose any issues.

Vulnerable Plugin/Theme scan

We scan your WordPress Website for vulnerable versions plugins and themes. If found, we will remove or replace the infected software.

Downtime Monitoring

We have a heart-beat monitor installed on every website we manage. We know within seconds if your site is down and can begin diagnosing the issue.

Daily Cloud Backups

We scan your site daily for any broken or dead links. If a broken link is found, we will make adjustments to either link to the correct page or remove the link altogether.


Daily File & Database Scan

We scan your website files and database daily to ensure there are is no malware associated with your site’s files. If a malware infection is found, we will identify and remove the infected files.

Firewall Installation

We install a firewall to prevent against DDOS attacks, SQL Injection, and Brute Force Attacks.


Daily Malware Scan

If a Malware Infection is found on your website we will locate and remove the corrupted files within 24 hours.

Force Secure Passwords

We’ll change all users passwords to ensure that a bot can’t gain access to your website through a brute force attack.

Ready to secure your client’s WordPress Websites?

 Let us focus on all of the tedious WordPress security maintenance while you focus on building more websites.